Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lady bugs and bowling alley!

I love it when life comes full circle. One of the first cakes tiered cakes I ever created was for a baby shower. I learned so much doing that cake and though in my head it wasn’t perfect the mommy-to-be loved it. That mommy-to-be is now a mommy of a 1 yr old precious girl and asked me to make the first birthday cake for her munchkin! We chatted and decided that the cake would do a 3 tier cake with a ladybug theme. The top tier would be the smash cake and would be in buttercream. The bottom 2 tiers would be light green and red fondant. As we were putting the cake together we decided to add a few personal touches. The first being the gelatin butterflies. Her baby shower cake was garden themed with butterflies so as a surprise I added a few gelatin butterflies to remind her of her awesome baby shower. I also added the bow on the lady bugs head. In looking at the photos of Amberly on facebook, almost every photo the cutie has a bow in her hair.

I delivered the cake to Grandmas house and it matched the decorations perfectly!

I was also given the honor of making a cake for my bestfriends son. He was given a scholarship to Webber International for bowling and was getting ready to head off to college. It also happens to be his 18th birthday. The design we came up with was a bowling alley. The cake and pins are cake covered in fondant. The board started out as just plain brown fondant over a MDF board. Lines and the coloring was hand colored to turn a piece of board into an alley. I am very proud of this cake and also very proud of Colin! Good Luck Colin in wherever your dreams take you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Original Nintendo cake

I was invited by my friend Maria to a party at her house to celebrate finding her original Nintendo in her moms garage. We discussed making a cake and below is what I came up with. It was chocolate with peanut butter filling and the remotes were rice krispie treats.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Petite and Pink!

We have some awesome friends who decided to get married. We were hoping for a huge wedding to celebrate but they decided to go small and off to the court house they go. In talking with them I learned they were not going to have a wedding cake. That doesn't sound like a proper way to start a life together to this cake decorator!


The bride is simple and elegant. So we decided on a quilted design with edible pearls. I have never done a quilted pattern before but I am up to most challenges. I am very pleased with the way the quilting turned out. I also for the first time used ganache under the fondant to give the cake a smooth finish. It was finished off with some homemade pink gumpaste roses.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ace of cakes NOT! But I love my cakes

Each time I do a cake someone asks me if I have seen Ace of Cakes. Of course I can, I am however not up to his caliber nor do I want to be. I put my heart and soul into each and every cake I make. I am very proud of them.

It has been a little over a year and I look back on those cakes and see how much I didn't know. I learn so much with each cake I make.

Below are a few of my latest cakes.

My Step Daughters 21st
Birthday cake
My Granddaughters 5th
Birthday cake.

Some sea shell cupcakes
just for fun

My mothers birthday cake.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ms. Audrey is engaged.

Our dear friend, real estate agent and wonderful Girl Scout Leader is getting married! Audrey and Derek were thrown a great engagement party, which of course I brought the cake. I tossed around many ideas and found this adorable cake on my favorite website

Their cake was a ring box covered in black mocha fondant, red gumpaste roses and a huge "diamond ring". They loved the cake as did all the guests. And I had a great time making this cake. Their wedding cake will be a amazing winter wonderland cake.

My Baby is now 16

June 14th my baby turned 16. After the many moods of a teenager he finally decided on a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap. I have never done a baseball cap but I am up to a challenge, and who says no to the birthday wishes of her son. He is also not really a cake fan, doesn't care for the typical cake flavors. He choose key lime cake with lemon butter cream. The cake was covered in fondant and the logo was hand cut. The cake board was made to look like the baseball diamond with hand piped grass, graham cracker "clay" and the bases. I am so proud of this cake, it is now my favorite cake I have made. I am also very proud of my son, Happy Birthday Alex. And Bobbie sorry it wasn't a Rays cap.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am back.....

We purchased our new home in Feb. and have been so busy with it that I haven't blogged at all! I have been busy with cakes. In April I had 2 orders for tiered cakes for the same day. Once we got the logistics of the delivery scheduled I was ready to bake.

Hubby said he hadn't seen so many baked cakes in the same room. There was a total of 10 cakes sitting on the table. CAKE OF ALL SHAPES, SIZES, COLORS AND FLAVORS.

The first cake was a 2 tier birthday cake for my online friend Lauren. She wanted it simple and pretty with lots of colorful daisies. The cake was white butter cream iced, vanilla cake with raspberry filling!

After Laurens cutie cake I moved onto the 3 tier monster. This cake was awesome to make. Christina is a 16 year old who knows exactly what she wants. She drew the picture of the cake she wanted and we went from there. Her theme was 80's retro, including florescent colors and black lights.

Her flavor choices were vanilla with raspberry, chocolate with peanut butter and chocolate with Oreo filling. She requested mocha fondant. I have never flavored fondant and didn't even want to try that with a cake this size. A quick google search turned up this awesome site.. A quick call was placed and all my questions answered. I placed and order for the mocha fondant and 2 days later it was at my door! Now I hate coffee so I wasn't going to taste this fondant but my friends that did taste it LOVED it. The fondant was dyed black with Americolor gel and I was ready to go.

The fondarific covered the cake beautifully and easily. Added all the neon swirls, rope borders and the great candles and the cake was ready to go.

The deliveries took 2 hours as Alex and I circled the bay! Was a great delivery with my 15 yr old carrying the cake to the second floor of the amazing Isla Del Sol country club.